Make an Appointment

Patients are seen in our office by scheduled appointment and during  our walk-in hours. We schedule all well child visits and encourage you  to make well check appointments as far in advance as possible. We  also offer scheduled sick appointments so if you prefer to have an  appointment please call and schedule these visits. Every attempt is  made to schedule sick appointments with your primary doctor or nurse practitioner;  however, if your doctor is unavailable, your child may be scheduled  with one of our other physicians or nurse practitioners. We also ask  that you schedule all follow up visits as well as visits for ongoing  medical issues so we can assure continuity of care and that you see your primary provider.

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, we appreciate  your call as soon as possible to allow for another patient to see the  physician. Our providers make every attempt to stay as close to their  schedule as possible. If you are more than fifteen minutes late for a  scheduled appointment, we will ask you to reschedule. This allows for  the next patients to be seen on time. Thank you for your cooperation.

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